Starting Point

In the late seventies, the Singapore Government mandated that all commercial buildings would have to upgrade their envelope thermal performances to reduce energy consumption in air-conditioned buildings.

This paradigm shift in how we expend energy prompted the development of our shading systems, which seeks to both minimize heat gain, and maximize envelope insulation. These strategies were undertaken, with the ultimate goal of conserving energy, and optimizing efficiency of energy usage.

Rolling out Rollite™ Rollscreens

After extensive research and development starting from 1980, Sunscreen Singapore developed Rollite™ Rollscreens, an internal roller shade for commercial buildings and private residences. Rollite™ Rollscreens reduces heat and glare transmission from the outside, without compromising the external view from the inside.

The idea of using fiberglass screens (proven to be both economical and effective) as an internal shading system was timely and ideal, as the 1980s saw a rising prevalence of high-rise buildings clad in glass curtain walls. To complement the modernist architectural language, our fiberglass screens were further improved by being integrated within a compact and reliable internal roller assembly, which allows the length of the fabric to be stored within a minimal space, discretely out of sight. Thereafter, it was registered under the trademark of Rollite™ Rollscreens in Singapore and overseas by Sunscreen Singapore, the exclusive manufacturer of Rollite™ Rollscreens, Rollite™ Skylight, Rollite™ Outdoor and Rollite™ External Sun and Rain Protection Systems.

Early on, Sunscreen Singapore was certified with ISO 9001:2000 by BSI Management Systems. In October 2009, Sunscreen Singapore successfully transited to ISO 9001:2008.

In addition, 2018 saw the re-certification of Sunscreen Singapore as Bizsafe Level 4 certified, gearing us in line with the industry requirements prioritizing safe work practices.

Presence – Other Markets

With headquarters in Singapore, Sunscreen also operates out of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam and recently in 2016, Yangon, Myanmar. All our regional offices have overseen ongoing and completed projects in Malaysia, Vietnam, Brunei Darussalam, Myanmar, Thailand, China, Maldives and Indonesia.

Corporate Philosophy

Sunscreen Singapore strives to uphold the premier quality of Rollite™ Rollscreens by continually developing improved features and tailoring our existing product ranges to drive market demands. This reflects Sunscreen Singapore’s dual-pronged market approach in meeting as well as influencing consumer demands and introducing alternative solutions for end users.

Keeping to the spirit of continual innovation, testament from the early days of conceptualizing Sunscreen Singapore, new technologies and systems are constantly being sourced worldwide and developed locally by our company. The goal: to offer best quality products that effectively work to reduce energy expenditure in buildings, whilst creating a pleasant internal environment for occupants within.

Growth can be attributed to our solutions-oriented approach as we partner with individuals, businesses, architectural and design communities as well as governmental agencies, to achieve their own goals of energy conservation, environmental preservation and thoughtful design integration.

With this mindset and philosophy, we are able to address every project’s unique attributes, to customize a user centric solution, which optimizes the opportunities inherent within each project, for the ultimate benefit of our clients.